Who Runs the Workers' Compensation System?


The workers’ compensation system in Vermont is administered by a State of Vermont government agency known as the Vermont Department of Labor. The address and phone number for the Vermont Department of Labor are:

Vermont Department of Labor
Workers’ Compensation Division
PO Box 488
Montpelier, VT 05601–0488
Phone: 802–828–2286

The Vermont Department of Labor is required to carry out the purpose of the workers’ compensation system originally established in 1915: to “compensate and protect employees” who are injured on the job and are temporarily or permanently unable to work.

Insurers must file certain forms with the Vermont Department of Labor. The forms show briefly what the insurer knows about your case, specifically the insurer’s information about your injury (Form 1 Employee’s Claim and Employer’s First Report of Injury), your past wages (Form 25 Wage Statement), your new disability income benefits (Form 32 Agreement for Temporary Compensation), and your cost-of-living increase each July 1st (Form 28 Notice of Change in Compensation Rate).

If the insurer intends to deny responsibility to you for benefits, it must complete a form that gives you notice and an explanation. There is a form the insurer must use if it intends to deny your doctor’s bill or if it intends to deny your entire case (Form 2 Denial of Workers’ Compensation Benefits), and there is a form the insurer must use if it intends to stop making any further payments of a benefit to you (Form 27 Notice of Intention to Discontinue Payments).

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