VIRUS Shelter-in-Place Order Makes For Hardships to Vermont’s Injured Workers


On March 24, 2020 Vermont Governor Phil Scott issued a “Stay Home / Stay Safe” Executive Order. 

Hospitals already are re-prioritizing services and canceling “elective” procedures including surgeries.

Elective injections for work injury-related pain are being suspended. Some elective MRI and CT and X-rays are delayed. Physical therapy providers are canceling appointments. Many providers are generally suspending appointments for non-urgent care.

What does it mean for the injured worker?

The Governor’s order to stay-in-place, together with the sudden, drastic re-prioritization of medical services, is causing a substantial delay of much-needed surgeries, diagnostics, and therapies.

Surgery is needed to correct many work injury-related conditions, such as herniated disc repair (discectomy), shoulder and knee replacements, spinal cord stimulators. Physical therapy is an essential and effective medical service to improve the injury in a safe manner.

Without medical procedures and medical services, injured workers are experiencing delays. Injured workers who are denied care are not able to improve well enough to work again. As layoffs and unemployment claims are skyrocketing due to the pandemic and closing of “non-essential” in-person busineses, the new setbacks from delayed medical treatment worsens the injured worker’s chances to return to work.

It is a mistake to let insurers exploit this delay in treatments. It is not the fault of the injured worker. The injured worker did not cause the Governor’s stay-in-place order. No Vermont injured worker caused the pandemic corona virus COVID-19.

We will get through this together!

The Law Office of Charles L. Powell, PLLC is in compliance with VT Governor Scott’s “Stay Home / Stay Safe” Executive Order March 24, 2020.

This law firm remains fully operational and open for business representing Vermont’s injured workers.

In addition, I now offer instant video conferencing communications with current clients as well as video conferencing for new and prospective clients.

Text me to request a face to face video conference now: Business text number is 802-348-2733. If you have a smart phone, computer or tablet, you can communicate “face to face” with me by video conferencing right now.
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